Friday, March 5th, 2021 email life • 311w

So Aege@n (airline) has been spamming me with emails after a took a single flight with them.

One day they actually sent an email with the subject that made me believe that it was interested in it, so I opened it, turns out it was a click bait, but:

I had 22 (unread) emails from them in a span of one year and after I opened that click bait I got 7 in the following month. So they knew, I opened it ... But how did they know?

There was no "Return receipt" request, so they have done something sneaky.

Lets look at the email.. ok, its just html

Lets load the images.. ok, some images from http://static.cdn... were loaded.

Wait what is that? All images are from a cdn except one:

Lets open that image... ok its a 1x1 gif image.

A 1x1 pixels gif image.

A 1 pixel by 1 pixel gif image.

A 1 pixel width by 1 pixel height gif image.

A 1 pixel width by 1 pixel height graphics interchange format image.

So they masked a http request to there sever with a unique identifier as an image download request.

Is this ok? Hello?


I guess I manually clicked "Load all images" (even 1x1 gifs), so it must be ok... 

Wait, so this is why the there is the load all images button... cool.


Saturday, August 31st, 2019 life security • 134w
Let's consider for a fact that we have a very pseudo secure environment. Pseudo referring to something that has been purified of everything that can be a source of vulnerability. So we have no compilers, no runtimes and of course no internet. Also we have some physical security, the whole thing is locked in a box with only the cables for monitor, keyboard etc. and a wire with a button on it to start the machine.

Boss asks, is there any way for someone to harm this system.

Just ctrl-A and delete, dude.

PS: My task is too keep the antivirus up to date....

Wednesday, November 14th, 2018 life windows • 301w
Time to clean up the old windows machine a bit (Linux user here).

So I go looking for the good old control panel, but I find the "Settings" so I go there. Let me skip the whole design and usability comments.

The thing is that when you click tap the Uninstall button there is some times a huge delay until the admin confirm thing pops up. I don't know why this is, if its a security thing or just a bug.

So I thought I could open the whole "Settings" as an admin and then the confirm thing would not pop up.

Long story short, the only relevant thing I could find was to open with admin the command prompt. And from there you can start the control.exe which is actually the old classic control panel. 

But nope, your are still in user mode.

After some googling research I found out that this is a fake cmd admin (the one in the start menu), you need to run `runas /u:administrator cmd` to get the actual admin cmd. And before you do that you need to kill the exploer.exe that already runs. 

Then to restore the explorer you need to open admin task manager to kill the admin exploer and open non-admin cmd and ....

PS: In this process I had the pleasure to uninstall the microsoft silverlight

Friday, September 28th, 2018 greek life regex • 55w
This is the most greek a proggrammer can be.

Ακολουθεί μία από τις χρήσιμες regex που έχουν γράψει στην ζωή μου.

Εντοπίζει λάθος χρήση του τελικού ν και το αφαιρεί.

/ (τη|αυτή|δε|μη|στη)ν (([βδφθχλρσζ]|(μ[^π])|(ν[^τ])|(γ[^κ]))[^ ]*)/ $1 $2/

πχ. `στην ζωή μου` > `στη ζωή μου`

Οπότε το τρέχω στην πτυχιακή μου:

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Και σκέφτομαι: οι υπόλοιποι άνθρωποι τι κάνουν. Οπότε το τρέχω στην πτυχιακή της Χριστίνας:

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